• 34 St. Marys Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1SX
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would heartily recommend ... for Vinyasa

would heartily recommend

A friend and I visited Edinburgh last weekend and were deciding on a place to dine out. I had rarely been to an Indian restaurant before and was sceptical at first but my friend persuaded me to go to this place very near to where we were staying. When the food arrived and we started eating I was totally converted! The Tandoori Murgh (a classic dish of roasted chicken marinated in yogurt and spices) was simply wonderful and beautifully prepared. The accompanying vegetable and rice dishes were superb and the drink we chose (Cobra lager) was perfect. The meal was a delight for the palate and all the senses. On top of that the service was first class - all the staff really care about their customers. I've decided to try Indian food much more often from now on and I would heartily recommend this brilliant restaurant to anyone visiting Edinburgh to go to.

Bruce Woods, London at Sep 10, 2013